List of Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title
3 Soft Biometric Retrieval – Describing and Identifying Surveillance Images
6 Towards human-assisted signature recognition: improving biometric systems through attribute-based recognition
8 Human Face Identification via Comparative Soft Biometrics
9 Linebased End-to-Display Encryption for Secure Documents
12 Automatically Discovered Attributes Based Semantic Measurement and Video Description in Surveillance
14 Performance Analysis of Gait Recognition with Large Perspective Distortion
18 Combining Keystroke and Mouse Dynamics for Continuous User Authentication and Identification
20 Selecting Discriminative Regions for Periocular Verification
23 Human Activity Analysis and Recognition Using Multi-Features Parameters Extracted from Kinect Depth Images
25 Accessibility Evaluation of a Mobile Biometric Recognition System
27 Iris Recognition with a Database of Iris Images Obtained in Visible Light Using Smartphone Camera
28 Robust Transgender Face Recognition: Approach based on Appearance and Therapy Factors
31 Vein Point Cloud Registration Algorithm for Multi-pose Hand Vein Authentication
34 Sitting Posture Diagnosis Using a Pressure Sensor Mat
35 Deep Feature-based Face Detection on Mobile Devices
39 Rendering or normalization? An analysis of 3D-aided pose-invariant face recognition
44 Ear Recognition after Ear Lobe Surgery: A Preliminary Study
46 Face Alignment via an Ensemble of Random Ferns
47 Quality Based Classification Of Images For Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
48 “I don’t like putting my face on the Internet!”: An acceptance study of face biometrics as a CAPTCHA replacement
54 Heat-Earth Mover’s Distance-based Thermal Handprint Identification for Forensic Analysis
56 On Motion-Sensor Behavior Analysis for Human-Activity Recognition via Smartphones
57 Recognizing Human Faces under Disguise and Makeup
62 Assessing Vulnerability of Dorsal Hand-Vein Verification System to Spoofing Attacks using Smartphone Camera
68 Spotting Finger Spelled Words from Sign Language Video by Temporally Regularized Canonical Component Analysis