Conference Program

Program booklet [PDF]

March 1, 2016

Oral Session 1: Face Recognition

  1. Robust Transgender Face Recognition: Approach based on Appearance and Therapy Factors
    Vijay Kumar (International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India), Raghavendra Ramachandra (Gjøvik University College, Norway), Anoop Namboodiri, (International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India), Christoph Busch, (Gjøvik University College, Norway)
  2. Face Alignment via an Ensemble of Random Ferns
    Xiang Xu, Shishir Shah, Ioannis Kakadiaris (University of Houston, USA)
  3. Recognizing Human Faces under Disguise and Makeup
    Tsung Ying Wang, Ajay Kumar (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
  4. Rendering or normalization? An analysis of the 3D-aided poseinvariant face recognition
    Yuhang Wu, Shishir Shah, Ioannis Kakadiaris (University of Houston, USA)
  5. Quality Based Classification of Images For Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
    Bharath Subramanyam, Piyush Joshi, Manoj Meena, Surya Prakash (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India)
  6. Human Face Identification via Comparative Soft Biometrics
    Nawaf Almudhahka, Mark Nixon, Jonathon Hare (University of Southampton, UK)

Oral Session 2: Biometrics

  1. Selecting Discriminative Regions for Periocular Verification
    Jonathon Smereka, Vijayakumar Bhagavatula (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Andres Rodriguez (Air Force Research Laboratory, USA)
  2. Vein Point Cloud Registration Algorithm for Multi-pose Hand Vein Authentication
    Yong Qi, Ya Zhou, Xiaoming Hu, Chang Zhou, Xinran Hu (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
  3. Ear Recognition after Ear Lobe Surgery: A Preliminary Study
    Raghavendra Ramachandra, Kiran Raja, Christoph Busch (Gjøvik University College, Norway)
  4. Towards human-assisted signature recognition: improving biometric systems through attribute-based recognition
    Derlin Morocho, Aythami Morales, Julian Fierrez, Ruben Vera-Rodriguez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
  5. Combining Keystroke and Mouse Dynamics for Continuous User Authentication and Identification
    Soumik Mondal, Patrick Bours (Gjøvik University College, Norway)
  6. Performance Analysis of Gait Recognition with Large Perspective Distortion
    Fatimah Abdulsattar, John Carter (University of Southampton, UK)

Poster Session 1

Papers presented in the first day (No. 1 to No. 12)

March 2, 2016

Oral Session 3: Mobile and Cloud Applications

  1. Deep Feature-based Face Detection on Mobile Devices
    Sayantan Sarkar (University of Maryland, USA), Vishal Patel (Rutgers University, USA), Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland, USA)
  2. On Motion-Sensor Behavior Analysis for Human-Activity Recognition via Smartphones
    Chao Shen, Yufei Chen, Gengshan Yang (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
  3. Assessing Vulnerability of Dorsal Hand-Vein Verification System to Spoofing Attacks using Smartphone Camera
    Ishan Patil, Shruti Bhilare, Vivek Kanhangad (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India)
  4. Iris Recognition with a Database of Iris Images Obtained in Visible Light Using Smartphone Camera
    Mateusz Trokielewicz (Research and Academic Computer Network, Poland)
  5. Accessibility Evaluation of a Mobile Biometric Recognition System
    Ramon Blanco-Gonzalo, Raul Sanchez-Reillo, Carlos Sanchez-Redondo (University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain), Jose Luis Alonso-Aguilera (Quental, Spain)
  6. “I don’t like putting my face on the Internet!”: An acceptance study of face biometrics as a CAPTCHA replacement
    Kat Krol, Simon Parkin, Angela Sasse (University College London, UK)

Oral Session 4: Behaviors, Surveillance and Security

  1. Sitting Posture Diagnosis Using a Pressure Sensor Mat
    Shunsuke Suzuki, Mineichi Kudo, Atsuyoshi Nakamura (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  2. Spotting Fingerspelled Words from Sign Language Video by Temporally Regularized Canonical Component Analysis
    Shohei Tanaka, Akio Okazaki, Nobuko Kato, Hideitsu Hino, Kazuhiro Fukui (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
  3. Determining the best attributes for surveillance video keywords generation
    Liangchen Liu, Arnold Wiliem, Shaokang Chen, Kun Zhao, Brian Lovell (University of Queensland, Australia)
  4. Soft Biometric Retrieval to Describe and Identify Surveillance Images
    Daniel Martinho-Corbishley, Mark Nixon, John Carter (University of Southampton, UK)
  5. Thermal Handprint Analysis for Forensic Identification using Heat-Earth Mover’s Distance
    Kun Woo Cho, Feng Lin, Chen Song, Xiaowei Xu (SUNY at Buffalo, USA), Fuxing Gu (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China), Wenyao Xu (SUNY at Buffalo, USA)
  6. Linebased End-to-Display Encryption for Secure Documents
    Sebastian Burg (University of Tuebingen, Germany), Pranav Channakeshava (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India), Oliver Bringmann (University of Tuebingen, Germany)

Poster Session 2

Papers presented in the second day (No. 13 to No. 24)